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I've been fascinated by the art of capturing life in images for as long as I can remember. Born and raised in Argentina, having lived in China, I finally settled down in Miami. As a boy, before I had a chance to buy my own camera, I often secretly took my father’s Nikon and used every opportunity to see the world through its lens. But, the only way to keep it a secret was to take no photos. I found my peace and passion in simply looking through the lens and imagining what the picture would look like. All those magic images had to stay in my mind, but I was eager to share my vision with others. As soon as I got my own camera my adventure as a photographer began. I was able to travel the world and learn from photographers from numerous countries. I saw magic in understanding how different artists perceive their environment. Different minds see different aspects of the same scene and learning those details allowed me to develop my own unique way of capturing the life's moments. I treasure every chance I get to be outside, catching images of emotions, street life, and the beauty of nature and architecture. I’m an adventurer who has a passion for sharing my view of the world with others.

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